The slow, but sure recovery of baby Patience


By Marble Nyahela

On December 07 2016 I woke up with contractions which was scary as I was only 27 weeks pregnant. My husband rushed me to Avenue Hospital Kisumu where I delivered my three babies, two girls and a boy, via cesarean. The boy was the biggest weighing 1.2kg followed by the girls who weighed 800g and 600g.

Our happiness lasted for a few hours because my baby boy could not breath on his own and he passed on after several hours of resuscitation. After 4 days, we were transferred to Oasis hospital with the remaining identical twins Precious 800g and Patience 600g because the incubators there had a malfunction.

At Oasis everything was going on well according to the Pediatrician’s plan but on day 14, Precious suffered an apnea attack and passed on at 8:42pm. It really broke my heart for she was doing so well. I was left with Patience who added weight steadily for the two months that we stayed in the hospital and when we got discharged, she weighed 2.1kg. It was not an easy journey since she had a blood transfusion 3 times and was on several supplements but we took one day at a time.

By the time we were being discharged we had exhausted our Medical insurance. Everything went on well after but Patience developed a fever and had to be rushed to the hospital. The tests indicated that she had severe Anaemia and Malaria but the doctors and nurses at Avenue managed the situation and after a week we were back home. Two weeks after being discharged, I had to take her back to the hospital as she was having a persistent cough and fever. As we approached the hospital gate, she was convulsing.

The nurses at Avenue were swift and contained the situation. She was put on oxygen and was being nebulized daily after every 4 hours. We have been admitted since then and the bill is now at 140k and we would like your help as we have exhausted all that we have.

Any help will be appreciated. We would love to ask for your prayers too for baby Patience. The Mpesa Paybill is 712612 and the Account name is Patience and the Mchanga Paybill 891300 Acc Number 11249

The M-Changa link is HERE as well and we will appreciate your help-big or small.




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