Singer Jimmy Gait claims twin sisters are harassing him, want him to marry them


Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has filed a complaint against twins who have been harassing him.

According to the singer, the two ladies have been stalking and threatening him after he turned down their wedding proposal.

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In two videos posted on social media, the singer claims that the twins have been sending texts and following him around to a point he had to report the matter to the police.

“There are twins who have been on my case to marry them and they have vowed that if I don’t marry them no one else will. They have been sending me threats on text and promised to do anything to have me marry them,” said the singer.  

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Gait had to report the matter to the police station because of the threats. He added that twins claim that God showed them to marry him.

“They say God has showed them it’s me and that’s final! They follow me everywhere and this is becoming increasingly threatening and so I have decided to write a statement at the police station so the matter can be handled from there. I can’t take the threats lightly!” he posted. 

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Watch the video below: