Singer B Classic Is Not Your Ordinary Singer- ‘I Rose From Nothing To Something’


It has been a tough journey but full of many lessons for singer Blcassic.

Born in Taveta, real name Dennis Manja was neglected by his mother at a tender age forcing him to be a street kid. He was later taken in by a Somali woman but later had to part ways with her as he went to Mombasa in search of greener pastures.

In Mombasa, he was offered a job as a herdsman where he worked for 10 months without payment. He was forced to quit the job and luckily he was offered a hotel job where he worked and in return, he was given food.

All this time, he still kept in mind his dream of becoming a top singer.

Despite his hardship, Blcassic kept pushing knowing very well that one day it will for sure payoff. Last week, the singer released his first single called “Baby I Swear” recorded at Champion Records, a music label founded by Joel Lishenga and Brian Lishenga.

The song according to Bclassic, was inspired by a series of true events and shares some of the things that happen in society.

“BABY I SWEAR is very relatable to most young people—as it tells the story of a young man who is ready to do anything for a woman he loves revealing how she makes him crazy,” singer says.

The video was directed by Adam (Kenyan cinematographer) of Royal State Pictures while the audio was done by Top Layer On the beat (Kenyan audio Producer) of Champion records.

It becomes his first project following his recent signing to Champion Records but has also been in other projects such as “Fundi” and “Unakili”.

Watch the video below:

Bclassic has defied all odds to achieve his dreams. But that’s just the beginning and according to him, fans should expect quadruple of what they’ve just gotten from him because music has always been his first love.

“Let everyone know that it’s possible no matter what you are going through,” he says.

“I was going through a lot yes, but I still managed to focus on my dreams and you can see it has now started paying off. People should understand dreams are real and persistent and hard work always pays off. Never give up.”