Singer Alvindo releases Taka Taka video despite ban


Singer Alvindo has released the video for his controversy-ridden song “Taka Taka” that was banned by Kenya Film Classification Board last week.

Despite the board’s CEO Ezekiel Mutua giving him and his sponsor KRG the Don a stern warning in a press conference, Alvindo and his team dropped the visuals just two days after the ban.

Alvindo’s manager, Eric, said they had already injected a lot of money in the video and there was no going back.

“We spent a lot of money on it. We invested over KSh 1 million for the video so it does not make sense cancelling it. Mutua banned the audio all because he misunderstood it,” Eric said. 

Mutua banned the song because it degrades women. He argued that with the ongoing spouses-related murders in Kenya, the song acts like a catalyst and therefore shouldn’t be on air.

Alvindo, on the other hand, said the song helped him vent and should for any other person undergoing an ugly heart break like his.

“The song basically talks about what I was going through at that particular moment. There is freedom of expression and that is what I was doing as a Kenyan. I dedicated the song to my ex-girlfriend, who had left me,” Alvindo told

‘Taka Taka’ has cameos from comedians Shaniqwa, Butita and DJ Shiti and KRG.

The new video has been warmly welcomed on YouTube so far raking in 53,048 views since Sunday. It’s currently at number 10 on the YouTube Trending list and might also hit a million views like it’s audio posted almost two months ago on YouTube.

Watch the video below: