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Issue Number 2 of the African Warrior Magazine is here!!! It is all about hope and resilience of Africans in Diaspora.

To help Africans understand their history, which appraises some of these leaders, young Africans are rummaging through archives in their countries and abroad to tell the story of Africa from an African perspective, since Africans never quite owned their history. One such man, is the Kenyan marketer turned journalist and researcher, Levin Opiyo who has shocked Kenyans by how much ignorant they are of their immediate history, by undoing everything their curriculum history books ever spewed about some of the Kenyan independent leaders held in the highest esteem. See his story on p. 10.

The second issue of the African Warrior Magazine is about hope. We bring you stories of Africans who have made it America despite the overwhelming odds stuck against them. Joseph Karoki, the Global Director of Sales for General Electrodynamics Corporation, a world leader in the manufacture of aircraft load and balance equipment within the aerospace industry is inspiring. Immigrants from Africa are underrepresented in the STEM courses in Western universities, and for Karoki to rise to top, it goes prove that America is a land of opportunities for those who remain resilient, disciplined and keep their faith in God.

Many African women are excelling in America, and giving back to Africa in their own small ways, and we tell the stories of three such women, that can inspire give back to the motherland, not just the dollar remittances, but charity, service, ideas and expertise.

We hope you will enjoy reading and the stories herein will uplift and encourage you. And we do appreciate feedback, through main and social media pages. And if you know of Africans who are doing great things, share their stories and contacts with us, we would love to talk to them.

We also also you will support this great initiative in every little way you can either by sharing the links with your friends or buying as many copies as you can!






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