The shocking number of men that called ‘Nyabura’ who walked with a placard looking for a husband 


Peris Nyambura, 28, was desperate and she figured out a plan that would give her a husband the fastest way possible.

Seems like the plan worked better than she expected.

Over Four hundred phone calls and dozens of offers, is what the woman who caught the attention of Kenyans on Tuesday August 22, received when she advertised that she wanted a husband on the streets of Nairobi.

Nyambura was on the streets looking for a Husband with a placard

Nyambura’s number was definitely busier than the Safaricom customer care for the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday as men responded to her plea.

Reports from different medias state that she’s now going through the numbers trying to find the best man to settle down with.

She has a daughter who is seven years old. Nyambura is already set to contact the successful and lucky man soon.