Shock as Willy Paul returns with an accent after visiting the US for a few days(video) 


When it comes to controversy, singer Willy Paul leads other artists.

The gospel singer was recently in the headlines yet again while promoting his new song Jigi Jigi which has been ruling the airwaves.

Paul recorded a short video of himself promoting his new song and what fans noticed was his ‘fake’ accent that left many in stitches.

“Good morning my people, Make sure you watch and share… #jigijigi.. I thank God for this song.. we now have a couple of wedding songs to choose from. I love music.. I’m so passionate about it,” said Pozze in the video short while in the US.

“And that’s why I deliver… do not let ur jealousy control you. Don’t let it make you fight ur brother. I wish you all a #jigijigi morning..”

Jigi Jigi has been criticized with many labeling it as a secular song. Others believe he stole the concept from Obinna and Leslie who, in December last year, also released a song called Jigy Jigy. 

Several music pundits have also likened the choreography on Pozze’s song to Ne-Yo’s dance-serenade on his hit single One In A Million.