Shattering the Glass Ceiling at 35,000 Feet: Mother-Daughter Pilot Team Delights Passengers


Passengers on a Delta flight from Los Angeles International Airport last weekend were mesmerized  to learn they were in the hands of a mother-daughter team — Capt. Wendy Rexon and her first-officer daughter, Kelly Rexon.

This glass ceiling shattering girl power was on full display at 35,000 feet, and passengers took to social media to share their delight.

“Just flew from LAX to ATL on Delta piloted by this mother daughter flight crew,” passenger Dr. John R. Watret tweeted. “Great Flight. Inspiring for young women.”

According to the New Yorker, Watret — who is chancellor of the Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida — learned about the crew’s familial bond after a woman boarding the aircraft asked a flight attendant if her two kids could visit the pilots.

He said he overheard the family talking about the “mother and daughter” flying the plane. He asked if he could visit them too!