SHAME On you so-called “leaders” of DOOM- Victoria Kimani Calls Out Nigerian Leaders Over Killings Of Protesters


Kenya’s Victoria Kimani has slammed Nigerian leaders over the unfortunate Tuesday incident in Lekki Toll Gate; Lagos that led to the killing of a number of protestors after police opened fire against them.

Several reports indicate that the peaceful Nigerian protestors were fired with bullets after a leader allegedly ordered for the CCTV to be removed, switched the lights off, blocked all entrance & exits & opened fire.

This disheartening incident comes weeks after ongoing protests by Nigerian citizens against police brutality.

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In a long post, Kimani stood in solidarity with Nigerians as she warned that the leaders will face dire consequences for their brutal actions against its citizens.

“This really happened in 2020… SHAME On you so-called “leaders” of DOOM, what a curse to bring upon yourselves as if you weren’t already being judged in heaven as it is …. your “god” complex will cause you to be humbled very soon.

“This could have easily been one of my friends out there murdered by the people who are supposed to be protecting them.” she wrote

Kimani also sent her prayers for the nation as she empathized with the pain and suffering that Nigerians have had to endure as they fight for their rights.

“Nigeria, I am so sorry, I am weeping with you & pleading that God strengthens you & encourage you as you continue to March for your liberation. This kinda shit pisses me off to the point where I want to explode and I’m all the way in Kenya,” she added

The Kenyan artist joins the long list of celebrities across the globe who have used their platform to condemn police brutality and express solidarity with Nigerians.

Vocal Nigerian artists like Davido, Runtown, and Burna Boy have publicly called for the Nigerian President Buhari to step down as they expressed their pain and disgust over the government’s actions.

Amid the escalating protests in Nigeria,  the call to end SARS has become a ‘worldwide campaign’ as Nigerians in Diaspora hold peaceful demonstrations on the same.