Saudi Arabian Woman Forced To Pay 95K After Mysterious Death Of Her Kenyan Worker


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya has confirmed that a Saudi Arabian widow has paid the pending salary and has been ordered to pay repatriation costs for her Kenyan worker Alice Owuor Tindo who died under mysterious circumstances.

This was confirmed by CS Rachelle Omamo on September 15 while responding to the questions by the Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations.

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Owour had been working for an elderly widow in Najran City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the time of her death since January when she left Kenya in search of greener pastures.

According to the Ministry, the deceased salary arrears amounting to 95, OOO Kenyan shillings was successfully recovered after the employer was reported to the Saudi authorities.

“The employer was reported to the police and the case filed at the labor court by the Saudi recruitment agent to secure the dues and repatriation costs for Tindo,” reads a response to the parliamentary committee

This revelation comes months after Owour’s family made a plea to the government to help them bring their daughter’s body into the country after their efforts turned fruitless.

Owour’s mother; Mary Wambui had lamented that it has been close to 3 months of a back and forth process with the agents who had promised that they will not take long before they transport the deceased body.

The Ministry however explained that this delay was caused by the employer who was not able to pay for the repatriation costs

“The delay in repatriation of the body is occasioned by the inability of the employer, who is a widow to pay for the repatriation costs (mortuary and air ticket).” reads the statement

Although the Ministry did not inform when the body will be transported to Kenya, embassy officials informed that they are working towards having the deceased body transported to Kenya soon.

In a previous coverage by NTV, the family had revealed that Owour mentioned that she was being mistreated by her employer only for them to receive the news of their daughter’s death on June 14, 2020.

Reports from the agent revealed that she died in her sleep but the family was seemingly not convinced as they raised questions over her death.

“We received a call on Monday at 8:30 PM and we were told that she slept and never woke up. We asked whether she was sick but the caller said she was not unwell” she said during a report by NTV

The 30-year-old Alice Owuor Tindo is survived by two children who are currently under the care of her parents.