Sarah Wairimu Cohen Wants To Bury The Body of The Husband She Is Accused Of Murdering


Ms Sarah Wairimu, the wife of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen who was killed and his body thrown in a septic tank, says she will not allow anyone else to bury him.

The Dutchman went missing between July and July 20 and his body found in a septic tank in his compound in Kitisuru, Nairobi, last Friday, 55 days later.

At the time, the 71-year-old Tours and Travel expert had been pursuing a divorce case against Ms Wairimu. He had also filed an assault case against her.

Ms Wairimu is currently locked up at Lang’ata Women’s Prison in Nairobi on the accusation of murdering her estranged husband. She has written to Chiromo Mortuary in Nairobi asking its management not to release Mr Cohen’s body to his sister Gabrielle.

Gabriele, according to Ms Wairimu, is “in a hurry to quickly” intern the remains at an undisclosed location and leave Kenya.

Ms Cohen’s sister is said to have requested the speedy conclusion of the postmortem to enable her bury her brother and return home.

In the letter by her lawyer Philip Murgor, Ms Wairimu also noted that she “remains the lawfully married wife despite the trumped-up murder charges she is facing”.

According to Daily Nation, Mr Cohen’s killers thought they had covered their tracks well, and that they had a perfect alibi. At his Kitisuru home in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the cast-iron manhole cover for the rectangular underground water tank was well sealed with cement — and a heavy water boiler put on top like a blank grave marker. Some of the trees in the neatly laid compound had been pruned and the dry twigs piled on top of the emptied underground tank to naively hide where the body of the Nairobi-based golf tycoon was supposed to rot in the exclusive Nairobi suburb.

Further, the Nation reports that one of the suspects in custody has told police that he had been given a contract to build a small house on top of the tank — to perpetually seal the site.

Through speaking to sources, the Nation continues to write that evidence with the police indicates that on the morning of July 19 — and on the day the water tank was emptied, Ms Wairimu placed a call to Peter Njoroge Karanja — the estranged husband of Gilgil MP Martha Wangari.  Both Mr Karanja and Ms Wairimu were going through divorce proceedings over domestic violence at the High Court in Nairobi. They were also alleged to be lovers.

Mr Karanja, who was then in Gilgil town, told police that he drove his Subaru, registration number KCF 356T, for the two-hour drive after he was summoned by Ms Wairimu. By using the phone tracking technology, the two forensic experts assigned to the case found that Mr Karanja then called and picked another man in Naivasha and the two drove to Nairobi together.

At around 10am, after a series of phone calls to Ms Wairimu and which were easily tracked, the three converged at a well-known restaurant in Westlands for a breakfast meeting. They were captured on CCTV. The bill was paid by Ms Wairimu who left in a hurry. Later on, the two men had a meeting with the daughter of a late Cabinet minister from Mt Kenya region and they ate lunch together at another popular restaurant.

At about 2.30pm, and after meeting the prominent politician’s daughter, Mr Karanja called Ms Wairimu, and he is captured by road cameras driving towards Naivasha through Waiyaki Way.

Mr Karanja’s version of the story is that after the morning meeting with Ms Wairimu and on his way back to Naivasha and near Limuru town, he was asked to drive back to Mr Cohen’s home since Wairimu’s life was in danger.

Mr Karanja told detectives that he reached Cohen’s home at 4pm and they found a wealthy former Nairobi county government official — who had driven in a Lexus. In the compound were four policemen who had come to arrest Cohen.

Mr Karanja told detectives that after Cohen left, he drove out with his friend and he headed back to Naivasha where he dropped off his friend at a hotel. He then drove to another Naivasha restaurant, but before he settled down, he got a call from Ms Wairimu. The time was now 8pm. Alone, Mr Karanja reached Nairobi at around 10.30pm. But rather than drive to Cohen’s home — he told police that he drove to Parklands Sports Club, took a computer bag and walked outside to look for a taxi.