San Francisco Landlady Ordered To Surrender House Worth 431 million To Her White Tenant


A landlady Anne Kihagi in San Francisco faced a major blow after a court asked her to surrender her building worth KSh 431 million to her tenant.

The court reached this decision after her white tenant sued her for being evicted under the claims that the landlady wanted to house her relative.

Several reports confirm that the San Francisco law allows the landlords to repossess their rented apartment in a case where the owner would like to occupy it or if they want their relatives to move in.

Kihagi is believed to have bought the five-unit building in 2014 using her younger sister’s money which she was managing. Her sister later occupied the house in 2016 after she issued her tenant with an eviction notice.

Anne Kihagi Speaks - YouTube

Together with her partner, her younger sister raised their child in the same home and after Anne increased the unit’s value following a renovation, her tenant sued her for unwarranted eviction which resulted in her winning the case.

Dallas Weekly reports that the court also ruled that Ms. Kihagi’s younger sister never moved into the building and further ordered that she be evicted from that same building.

Following this ruling, claims have also emerged that in 2015, the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera, threatened to drive Ms. Kihagi out of the City and he allegedly used this recent case as an opportunity to fuel personal interests.

In video footage released in 2018, Kihagi faulted the San Francisco system revealing that the media painting her as a cruel landlord (based on the previous evictions) was a move to put her down; but this did not stop her from fighting.

The court’s decision to have her surrender her building to her tenant has since resulted to an uproar as  Anne Kihagi struggles to seek justice.