Sally G: Trotting the globe and (at times) being discriminated for travelling without companion

Anastasia & Federico Guendel

Chances are that you have heard that the greatest risk in life is not taking one, or that life is short and you have no idea when it will be over. Who made up those clichés?  My guess would be a successful traveler, of course. One of those success stories, Sally, a young single female from Kenya has the scoop on how to make the most out of one’s travels.  

Anastasia & Federico Guendel

Having an Open Mind

As children most of us were encouraged to be open minded when meeting new people; this applies to travel as well. We have to abandon our preconceived notions of certain countries, and look for the treasures that they hold.  If you are eager for your own African experience, Sally’s native country, Kenya, is an extraordinary place that amazes the skeptic. She believes more people would travel to Kenya if the Ministry of Tourism had more diverse marketing.

Kenya is steeped in history, possesses inspiring views, and is famous for its amazing wildlife. Kenya is truly a traveler’s paradise. Sally’s father’s fondness for his native country compelled him to take Sally and her siblings on cross country roadtrips.   She kindles the traveling spark that he lit inside of her not only by globe-trotting, but also by continuing to educate herself with books and movies about this glorious planet.

Sally in Miami

Sally emigrated from Kenya to the United States during one of the most stressful times in the country’s history: Sept 11, 2001.  Although the country was in turmoil, she adapted well and entered the U.S. public education system. She was shocked to find how easy it was compared to her rigorous educational experience in Africa. Today, Sally is a single woman who understands the challenges of finding the right mate. Because of her free and independent spirit, she can intimidate some men.  She puts as much work into her travels as she does into a courtship.


The world is waiting, but not the commercial airplane. Successful travelers like Sally use a packing list in order to be ready at a short notice. A detailed list helps her pack in just a few hours.  Her experience with American Airlines hasn’t always been pleasant. They seem to have one of the longest wait times. Although Delta is one of her favorite airlines, the Emirates boasts the most leg room, luxurious accommodations, and on-demand dining in their first class cabin. Before boarding the plane, Sally likes to read up on the culture of her travel destinations.  At times she has been discriminated against for being without a male companion. Even though there are cultural differences that a traveler needs to be aware of, Sally has seen that people are inherently good around the world.  In Croatia, Sally experienced the most warm and accepting of cultures. The people she interacted with had never met a stranger, and they welcomed her with open arms.


Captain Sally

Financial Concerns

Older people seem to travel more because they have been saving for years for their dream vacation.  That dream vacation may never come, so it is important not to let finances stand in the way of fulfilling the travel entry on your bucket list.  Sally looks for credit cards with great travel perks and a high sign-up bonus. She recommends signing up for flight deal alerts at and which can dramatically cut airfare costs.

After taking advantage of two huge sign up bonuses offered on two of her travel credit cards, Sally was off to Paris (First Class) and to Maldives without spending her money for plane tickets. Traveling to less popular destinations like Eastern Europe is another way to save those dollars and cents. Accommodations can be quite expensive, so Sally uses Airbnb to offset those costs.  If you are a parent with children, Sally believes that travel is very beneficial for the entire family. Philosopher Julian Baggini agrees. In a Guardian article Baggini states that that children gain more from spending an extended time abroad than the equivalent in a school.

Cococay, Bahamas

Begin the Journey

Sally’s advice is to start small with a day trip or a weekend getaway.  Some people do not like to jump in feet first, but can build up to longer travels over time.  Or if you can’t stand the daily grind any longer, be spontaneous and sell all of your belongings and travel the world like Sally.  One day Sally unloaded all of her worldly possessions, and took an 8 month trip around the world. She doesn’t over plan and allows room for spontaneity and discovery. Her view is that most of the advice in guidebooks or blogs is recycled and will deny you the chance of a unique experience.  She urges travelers not to over plan but to allow room for spontaneity and be surprised at one’s own discovery. In order to help first-time or experienced travelers on their journeys, Sally suggests that you visit her website as a guide for a more affordable trip.

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