Sallie Mugo from Maryland is building a name in the art scene from her Kenyan-inspired paintings 


Like many of us, Sallie Mugo had a job. The pay was relatively good and she was comfortable. Still, something was missing and she felt her life was in complete.

After some soul searching, Mugo decided to quit her corporate job to follow her passion, painting, which she believes is her true calling.

“I worked in a corporate job that I loved, but something always felt incomplete,” says the young painter on her Website. 

“For the past couple of years, I found myself often praying for a clear sign of what my purpose is. I learned the importance of heeding to obedience and walking in my calling, which lead me to quickly study the ins and outs of being a creative entrepreneur.”

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Mugo, who grew up in Kenya before relocating to Maryland, in the process has seen her craft grow from just another hobby to a full time career that can pay her bills.

Sally Mugo at office. Photo: Courtesy

Her paintings are now littered allover the world thanks to her unique style that is inspired by her home culture.

“Within my first year of being a professional artist, I was published and signed my first licensing deal that allowed my art to be in national retailers like HomeGoods, Marshalls and Old Time Pottery, to name a few,” she says.

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Some of her art pieces include a Maasai-inspired Tote Bag, “Darkest Before Dawn II” which was her first Breakthrough series in 2019, and “Be Still, My Heart” – Part of the Botanical Queens series inspired by the African Woman.

Paintings range from $34 all the way to $2000.