Research shows more than half of Kenyans are tired of the country and would move to America


With all the drama that has been surrounding Kenya lately, more than half of the country’s population feel that they have had enough and would relocate to another country if they could.

This is according to a survey done by US-based Pew Research Centre which found out that 54 per cent of Kenyans say they would like to migrate, a jump by 35 per cent from last year’s figure and making it the third most country in six sub-Saharan Africa countries who want to migrate.

Of the ones who want to leave the country, 55 per cent said America was their preferred destination, a thing that might explain why Kenya (120,000) is said to be the fourth-largest source of African immigrants to the US, following Nigeria (280,000), Ethiopia (220,000) and Ghana (160,000).

Kenya has been surrounded by all kind of drama lately ranging from political, social to environmental. Not once have citizens publicly aired their disgruntles with many claiming the country is falling apart.

“Political instability and conflict are other factors pushing sub-Saharan Africans to move,” the survey states but didn’t ask Kenyans or any other citizen interviewed why they wanted to relocate.

The research was done last year March just before the elections which happened in August. The research also pointed out that Nigerians and Ghanaians are the most eager to leave their homelands for another country.