Released Tape Of 1971 Phone Call Has Ronald Reagan Calling African UN Delegates ‘Monkeys’ Uncomfortable Wearing Shoes”


In a 1971 telephone conversation with the US president Richard Nixon, then California governor Ronald Reagan described African delegates at the United Nations as “monkeys” who are not comfortable wearing shoes. The Nixon Presidential Library recently released the October 1971 phone conversation between Nixon and Reagan.

The phone call was recorded by Nixon and the tape later became the responsibility of the Nixon Presidential Library, which released the recording two weeks ago.

Reagan, who went on to become president about a decade later, was venting his frustration with UN delegates who voted against the US and recognized the People’s Republic of China. When the vote was taken, members of the Tanzanian delegation started dancing in the General Assembly hall.

Infuriated at the images, Reagan called Nixon the following day.

“Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan said. “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries — damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes.”

Nixon began laughing hard.

Straight after the call, Nixon spoke with his secretary of state, William Rogers, telling him about Reagan’s remarks.

Referring to Reagan, Nixon said, “He saw these, as he said, he saw these, uh, these cannibals on television last night, and he says, ‘Christ, they weren’t even wearing shoes, and here the United States is going to submit its fate to that,’ and so forth and so on.”