The Real Reason Why Kikuyu Men Are Being told To Marry More Than One Wife


Nyumba Kumi chairman and former provincial commissioner Joseph Kaguthi wants Mount Kenya men to marry more than one wife.

Kaguthi says the move will also increase the region’s population which he said has dwindled due to increased alcohol abuse and failure by women to get married. He also asked women to stop being “mean”.

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He said polygamy was practiced by the traditional Kikuyu community, adding that nothing is unbiblical about the practice and it should be embraced in modern Kenya.

“The clergy is the only prohibited from practising polygamy. There is nothing evil with polygamy. A study done has shown that 44 percent of families in Mt Kenya region are headed by single parents. Also, majority of inmates are from single parents. Polygamy can address this,” he said.

Kaguthi has initiated the campaign arguing that polygamy will help reduce the escalating number of single parents in the region.

“We are cautioning everybody including the young female, don’t be mean, we want children, we mean business,” he said while addressing the clergy drawn from Tharaka Nithi, Embu and Meru counties.

Gema Chairman Lawi Imathiu called for the continued crackdown on illicit brews in the region, saying in the modern Kikuyu community, men are not spending enough time with their wives.