Is This Raila’s Concession Speech?


Dear Kenyans

Thank you very much. You know, politics has a way of inhibiting the greatness of our country and makes us forget that even as we politic, there are Kenyan men and women-true patriots, who are flying our flag high. The Kenyan team in London has continued to do wonders and I want to congratulate the medalists so far and those who have gallantly done their best, but lost.

As I was coming here, I was thinking that I am lucky to have met all of you and I wanted you to hear from me that from the depth of my heart, I appreciate all you did for our campaign. This was not about me, it was about you. It was about the future of our country.

Our journey was destined to end in Canaan. I am sorry to let you know that we have come short. We did our best.
I want to thank my wife, Ida and my children for their steadfast love and support. I want to thank my co-principles, my running mate Stephen, Musalia, Wetangula, and Isaac Rutto. Thank you for the sacrifice you all made and standing tall for our cause.

We traversed the entire country and you welcomed us in your homes. You danced and entertained us. Some of you, even amidst scarcity, offered food to us. I will never forget the young girl called Karimi who while on a campaign stop in Meru came to my car and innocently registered her regret that she was not old enough to vote for me, but promised to pitch my case to her parents.

I remember Abdi who I met during a stop in Mandera and who told me he was in our movement because he was scared of the constant profiling based on his name and religion.
This campaign was about a man in his 50’s who we met in Lamu and whose message to us was simple: “cost of life is damn too high.” Our movement was about giving Kenyans wherever they are, a decent shot at life.

The many voices we have heard supporting our cause during this period, are a beautiful symphony whose beat will never stop. That music has to keep playing. Do not give up just because we came up short.

A few hours ago I called the Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and extended my congratulations to him. He is not just the president of those who elected him. He is our president. He is my president. During the campaign period, Hon. Kenyatta and I disagreed on many things, but remember our disagreements confirm our sacrosanct love for Kenya. We all want the best for Kenya.

Finally, to our supporters, I am reminded of this passage from Yom Kippur liturgy.

”Now is the time for turning. The leaves are beginning to turn from green to red to orange. The birds are beginning to turn and are heading once more toward the south. The animals are beginning to turn to storing their food for the winter. For leaves, birds and animals, turning comes instinctively. But for us, turning does not come so easily. It takes an act of will for us to make a turn. It means breaking old habits. It means admitting that we have been wrong, and this is never easy. It means losing face. It means starting all over again. And this is always painful….It means recognizing that we have the ability to change. These things are terribly hard to do. But unless we turn, we will be trapped forever in yesterday’s ways.

So I leave you all with a full heart and a fervent prayer. Our country needs you.

Thank you and May God bless you. May God bless Kenya. “

By Mukurima X