Raila given 4 days to confirm whether he’ll be in the polls


Opposition leader Raila Odinga has four days from Monday, October 9 to formally announce if he will be on the ballot or not.

This follows a petition filed in court by Pokot South MP David Pkosing who wants the National Super Alliance (NASA) candidate compelled to participate in the election.

Odinga, who will be flying to the United Kingdom on Wednesday to give a lecture and return immediately, also declared that the courts will not force him to participate in an election against his free will, following the petition to have him forced to rescind his boycott threat.

“Before this change can come, there will be a lot of drama. Many will fall by the wayside. Many will fall for the good things in Pharaoh’s court and forget that we are leaving Egypt for Canaan,” he said.

“Change in Kenya has never come from Parliament, from the Office of President (OP), from State House, or from people who want things to remain as they are because they want to keep what they already own.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta pointed out that Kenyans are tired of politics and should be allowed to move on with their normal lives.

“He is free to withdraw from the race if he is not interested. Kenyans must be allowed to move forward,” the Head of State said. 

Jubilee has also initiated changes to electoral laws to counter Odinga’s plot.

Pkosing argues in his court case that in the event Odinga does not participate in the election, there would be a constitutional crisis.

IEBC has already put in place a team to oversee the election despite protests from the Opposition.