Raila to announce hospitals NASA supporters should boycott at all costs 


Opposition leader Raila Odinga is set to announce hospitals that should be boycotted by his supporters after his daughter’s driver was turned away at Mama Lucy hospital after he was shot on Tuesday, November 28.

The move comes after a section of Kenyans online have harshly reacted to an incident where Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital refused to treat Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s daughter’s driver after being shot by police, Tuesday.

Winnie Odinga through her Facebook page claimed that the driver alongside other two patients were turned away for being Raila’s supporters.

The driver had been taken to the hospital by people who had put on ‘Resist’ T-shirts.

Mama Lucy Kibaki confirmed that police used live bullets to repel National Super Alliance supporters from the Jacaranda grounds on Tuesday, November 28.

The hospital reported that 32 people were admitted with various injuries and four of them sustained bullet wounds in the running battles.

The opposition leader said in statement that he will soon announce the hospitals which should be boycotted adding to a list of companies that the opposition had earlier blacklisted.

“They have gone to an extent of denying service to our supporters who are victims of police brutality in some hospitals,we shall soon make public those hospitals for our supporters to resist them.My fellow patriots we shall overcome. Alutta continua,” Raila said. 

Previously, NASA called on its supporters to boycott services offered by Safaricom and products by Brookside dairies and Bidco Oil Refineries.