‘Rafiki’ actress Samantha Mugatsia bags prestigious award


Samantha Mugatsia has received an award for the best actress for her lead role in the film “Rafiki” by the FESPACO 2019 film festival.

The controversial movie about a love story between two women was banned in Kenya because of its content. Mugatsia plays one half of a couple in love despite the homophobia present in their community and managed to scoop the prestigious prize in the event which is the largest film festival in Africa.

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The film’s director Wanuri Kahiu took to Twitter to congratulate her saying that the win was monumental.

“The oldest African film festival acknowledged a queer character… So proud! Queerness cannot be silenced!” she said.

The film which was banned in Kenya after Kenya film classification board CEO Ezekiel Mutua said that it was promoting homsexuality which is illegal in Kenya. The film grossed Sh3.3 million after it was screened to over 6,500 people in major film theaters in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.