Radio host Kamene Goro not interested in marriage ever since South African hubby dumped her 


NRG Radio breakfast show presenter Kamene Goro has never really thought about settling down ever since her fiancee dumped her days before the wedding day.

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In an interview with Betty Kyalo on K24, the presenter confessed that ever since her fiance walked away, she has never bothered to get hitched.

You know the way you have your goals and KPIs. Marriage is not one of my goals and KPIs. If it happens great. Though it’s not something I can say I’m actively working towards,” she said.

Kamene, who was a news anchor then at Ebru TV, got in all kinds of trouble for dating the man who was twice her age.

She was eventually dumped via a WhatsApp call by her ex-husband a few days to their wedding day while in Tanzanian. The man was in South Africa then.

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Since then, a wedding has never been her goal.

It’s the same thing with marriage it’s not something I’m aspiring to, if it happens it happens, fantastic. If it doesn’t yet again fantastic. I think my goals right now I’m more about creating a sustainable future for myself and whoever might come into my life be it children or a husband,” she added.