Some public figures have urged Kenyans not to donate to starving Turkana and Baringo residents 


There’s has been a lot of confusion regarding the current hunger situation in Baringo and Turkana as drought that has ravaged villages continue to wreck havoc.

William Ruto has been quoted insisting that there’s nothing to worry about regarding the situation only to see his wife, Rachael Ruto, donate trailer trucks with bags of food stuff to Turkana County.

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Several other organisations have also donated hundreds of kilos of food for the starving families in the region. A paybill number from relevant organisations has been going round on social media urging Kenyans to donate.

Akothee has already managed to mobilize close to Ksh 2 million and several public figures have also vowed to help in the donation by raising funds.

Several celebs, however, have been against the donations insisting that it’s time Kenyans seek a permanent solution for these perennial problems.

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Willy Raburu hasn’t donated yet and will probably not.

Gabu and Frasha from P unit are against this paybill.

“This government is used to taking advantage of us too much. They do not give us jobs but still want donations from us. I am totally opposed to any Kenyan straining his or her pocket further to throw some cash to M-Changa or Paybill account to feed Kenyans starving in Turkana, I wish to incite the readers of this post to desist from doing so,” said Gabu.

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Frasha added:

“I agree 100% but let me say this change shall not come from IG and what’s app groups its high time the youth realized they are the majority and they have the power to change this country. How can we be talking of drought in the 21st century yet countries which are deserts give us relief food e.g. Israel yet our country is known in the world to be an agricultural hub. Youth get agitated get mad get concerned wake-up and fight for this country. This country needs you #wakeupkenyanyouth #itstartswithme.”