President Uhuru attends wedding and the photos are just lovely 


President Uhuru caused a stir on social media after posting pictures of a wedding he attended.

Uhuru spent his Saturday, December 2, at a wedding in Nairobi’s upmarket Kileleshwa area and posted photos on his social media pages.

The wedding took place at Kileleshwa’s Holy Trinity Church. The marrying couple were Alfrida Jelagat and Joel Sande.

Just days after being sworn in, however, not many were happy with his move to attend the wedding.

The pictures seemed to trigger hard emotions as many Kenyans accused him of not having his priories right. Most of them criticised the fact that he failed to mourn with families of those who lost their lives in the height of political unrest.

Others were happy the president was suportiing young Kenyans working towards uniting the nation.

On his social media pages, Uhuru said:

“Joined the families of Alfrida Jelagat and Joel Sande to witness their wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Church, Kileleshwa. Wished them joy, peace and God’s blessing in their marriage.”

Below are the photos: