President Kenyatta’s Niece Narrates How She Was Bullied While Studying In America


From the age of seven, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece Nana Gecaga had already started her journey as an International student and although many would think of it as a privilege, it was not a smooth ride.

After studying in Kenya for a while, Nana transitioned to the American education system towards her high school days and what awaited her was a bittersweet experience which she managed to get through and become the successful influential woman she is today.

Gecaga who is currently the KICC CEO has shared her experience studying abroad and some of the challenges she went through while at it. The mother of three narrated her encounter while speaking to MC Jessy on his Youtube show.

Nana who studied in America recalls how her classmates bullied her for simply being able to afford to fund her education without a scholarship.

“There were challenges because I was coming from Kenya, Africa and you are going to the States, primarily a caucasian setting so you are the minority and it’s always going to be hazy, you face it anywhere,” she stated

Nana Gecaga on coming into her own as KICC boss - Business Daily

Many criticized her for being ‘rich’ and this was fueled by the perception they largely have about Africans in relation to their poor living conditions.

According to her, the local residents could not understand how foreigners were able to cater for fees in the school, being one of the best in the country.

“People wouldn’t understand how I got there yet I was from Africa and did not have a scholarship so I got picked on for having money,” she narrated.

Despite facing this criticism, Nana says that she had to understand that this was as a result of cultural differences and she never hit back for any reason.

On whether she would allow her children to study abroad, Nana speaks on the many options that have been made possible in this advanced technology era beyond just having to travel for educational purposes.

“I would save the money for my kids, get very good internet, get a good working space for them at home and let them move there because we are moving in the internet direction so my children don’t have to leave the country for education, it is at the click of a button now,” she stated.

She however does not rule out the possibility adding that she has lived her life and is therefore ready to support her children pursue their dream careers and ventures.

Apart from Nana Gecaga, other prominent and celebrated personalities who have opened up about such related encounters include Julie Gichuru who shared her encounter with racism.

Nana’s advice to young girls who are being bullied in school is that they should realize that they have a life ahead of them and it is never worth it to give the critics power.