Prank Misleads Millions Of Americans To Think A Kid Insulted Trump


Online users are so easy to entertain, and also fool.

Twitter went wild this weekend after an account published a brief video showing a young girl telling off a person who looked an awful lot like President Trump.

“You are a disgrace to the world,” the little girl tells the Trump lookalike.

But Trump even tries again, reaching out, suit sleeve on her tiny shoulder. But this girl, she just shoves her phone in his face and grins, like he’s no one important at all.

The footage, which was allegedly taken on 30 Rock and Broad City, has since been liked by over 250,000 people and has triggered mixed reaction from thousands of social media users.

At the end of it all, thousands of adults had been fooled by the bizarre video. It was a total prank.

Watch the video below: