Popular Actor Reveals Why He Abandoned His Nollywood Career To Be A Security Guard In USA


Quite often, foreigners seeking greener pastures abroad are criticized for settling for jobs that many look down upon.

The story of Nollywood Actor Femi Ogedengbe is not any different as he was blasted for leaving his acting career to be a security guard in the US.

Triggered by this criticism, Femi hit back at people who despise his job and questioned his decision.

According to the former actor, he is not ashamed of his occupation but believes that people who should be embarrassed are Nigerian leaders and people who fail the country.

Femi also mentioned that he has more achievements with the security guard job as compared to what he had with the acting job.

“Oh yes! I am now a security guard in the USA and so what? Well, I have only been doing this for a little more than one year now and I can boldly say without any shame that what I have achieved more than I did in my father’s land being an actor/director/producer for over twenty-something years.” he stated in a video

The famed actor added that even top African political leaders like the late Nelson Mandela were involved in menial jobs but because of their legacy, no one speaks of their ‘dirty jobs’ but their greatness and achievements.

“In fact, the stories about most pan-Africa Leaders like Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe and a host of the generation after them were all involved in one menial job or the other across western countries to support their education. But today, we can only remember them for being great African leaders and not for the dirty jobs they had to do on their road to greatness. Indeed the end justifies the means.” he stated

Despite the fact that Nollywood is the second-biggest movie industry in the world and has been a platform of advantage to actors, Femi’s experience is an indicator that there may be other actors, actresses and filmmakers facing the same challenge.

Before he relocated to USA, Oogedengbe was a popular actor in Nigeria known for movies such as “Onilara” (2008), “She Is My Sister” (2007) and “She is My Sister 2” (2007).