Politician brings ‘conned’ witchdoctor to court as witness in petition 


A politician from Narok county shocked many after he opted to use a witchdoctor from the county as a witness in his petition.

Jubilee MCA aspirant Wilson Ole Masikonde lost to his rival Alfred Kuyo in the election held on August 8.

To support his claims, Jubilee’s Wilson Ole Masikonde, who accused his Orange Democratic Movement rival of using witchcraft to win the Posimoru ward seat, told the court that one of the witnesses he has lined up to appear today in the ongoing case is one of four sorcerers who were involved.

Masikonde explained how Kuyo bewitched his (Masikonde) supporters to change their mind on election day and line behind him.

He told the court that the five witchdoctors killed a monkey at Kuyo’s home, skinned it and wrapped the skin around a cloth-less Kuyo.

As to how a man involved in black magic would be willing to appear in court to confess his involvement, Wilson Ole Masikonde said the witchdoctor is a disgruntled man, who got short changed in the deal.

Masikonde also claims that on the last day of campaigns, Kuyo sought the services of four wizards who slaughtered a Columbus monkey and spread its intestines in four key polling stations in a bid to sway his supporters.

“Mysteriously, all the voters who got in contact with him voted in his favour. The plan was to confuse voters,” he alleges.