Police: ‘Mysterious witness’ has 8 previous criminal cases 


Police have released a detailed report on Denis Muigai Ngengi, popularly referred to as the “super witnesser” after he was arrested on Friday .

The “serial witness” who claimed to have seen the Lake Nakuru chopper crash and the road accident that killed Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru, is accused of committing 8 criminal offences across different parts of the country.

In an internal memo to the Director of Criminal Investigations, the Principal officer in charge of Criminal Registry, Mr Patrick Ndunda, says that all the eight previous cases against Ngengi have no result of trial and are in different names.

Muigai alias Andrew Kirangi alias Henry is being held at Juja Police Station for impersonating a police and military intelligence officer.

As per the records from the criminal registry, the crimes were committed as far back as 1989, 1998 and 1999 with the more recent one being in 2009 in Baricho, Kirinyaga County.

They include:

1. Name: Charles Karanja

Station: Naru Moru

Offence: Stealing

CR/No. 257/06/89

2. Name: Francis Karanja Mwaniki

Station: Nkubu

Offence: Stealing

CR/No. 464/31/98

3. Name: Charles Karanja

Station: Kiganjo

Offence: Giving false information

CR/No. 254/161/99

4. Name: Charles Karanja Mwangi alias Cameroon

Station: Kiganjo

Offence: Stealing

CR/No. 254/66/02

5. Name: Francis Maina Theuri

Station: Mweiga

Offence: Malicious damage

CR/No. 256/01/2003

6. Name: Martin Mutangilu Wambua alias Kathoka

Station: Rumuruti

Offence: Obtaining money by false pretence

CR/No. 752/273/04

7. Name: Alex Musyoka

Station: Meru

Offence: Assault

CR/No. 461/587/04

8. Name: Martin Githaiga Gichuhi alias Antony Waweru Gakuya

Station: Baricho

Offence: Personating

CR/No. 222/44/09

Also, It has been reported that the alias he has been using to identify himself-Denis Migai Ngengi, is not his real name but one of the many monikers he has assumed over his crime spree.

“It is said that there is an individual who appeared in both accident scenes. It is claimed that he is a police officer. I will find out if it is true he is an officer or not. If yes, then I will be interested in knowing what he was doing at those two scenes,” said Inspector General of police, Joseph Boinnet then after Kenyans put a spotlight on Muigai via social media.