Pinky Ghelani opens up on losing 3 pregnancies 


After years of courtship followed with marriage, for many couples romance dies a natural death more so as other things in life start taking center stage like children, career you name it.

Pinky Ghelani is a woman who wears many hats from Ambassador for Netcells in Kenya, model, role model, wife and even mother.

She holds dear her role as a mother because getting that title came with losing three pregnancies. But still she soldiered on. Like a mom.

She recently opened up on how she lost sevral pregnancies seven years ago.

“This week I celebrate the miracle of motherhood. 7 years ago at this time i was impatient and excited and 40 weeks pregnant.
I could not walk or breathe and I was putting up finishing touches to my daughter’s nursery. Having lost 3 pregnancies before this, 4 in total, I could not believe I was here.

Fast forward 7 years and here we are. I call them my miracle and my blessing. i often think of my mother as she goes through her own journey. There’s no manual for this so to the mothers who do it with ease and grace – hats off to you! To those who struggle to conceive and who want to give up, faith can move mountains.. Believe in yourself first and believe in your child’s destiny and path. if you truly want to be a mother, you will be – that is the miracle!” she posted.

Ariyana’s birthday month is here! Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual.. and now with my mum not being able to guide me, I really am figuring this out by myself. I want to teach her to be kind but to be strong, to show her that her beauty should be from how she feels and acts not only from what she looks like.
Bringing up a daughter is hard work – will I do it right? Will I scar her? Will I be able to let her go so that she can experience life for herself? Will I impose my dreams upon her or let her find herself and excel?”

She continued, “My role as a mum is always being checked by myself. But I know she’s fierce, she’s wise and she has a fantastic head on her shoulders. She is funny and honest, independent and creative. I know her role in some ways is to teach me a few tricks about life…

“She really is a miracle. Thank you all who read about my struggle to conceive and who prayed for Raj and I to have children. Look how far we have come. God is good, let him give me grace to raise her in a way that allows her to become all that she’s meant to be.”