PHOTOS: Meet Two Kenyans Who Have Recovered From COVID-19


Two Kenyans have publicly shared their experience after it was announced that they have fully recovered from COVID-19.

Brenda Cherotich,26 and Brian had been receiving treatment at Mbagathi isolation facility since they tested positive of coronavirus.

Speaking for the first time since they were discharged from the facility, the pair spoke to President Uhuru Kenyatta on a skype call which was aired live on Television.


Brenda who was the first confirmed patient of the virus says that she suspects she contracted the virus after her trip from London to Kenya.

“I went to the US in December & took a flight to London & I believe that may be where I contracted the virus.

I monitored my body for a day and went to Mbagathi Hospital the following day as it was on the media as an isolation facility” she said

Brian who was traced as close contact to Brenda also shared his experience commending the government for acting fast and taking him in for testing which was followed up by treatment.

“ Immediately Brenda’s results came in, I was taken as active contact. The Govt. reacted very fast & came for me from where I was and have treated me for 2 weeks” he said

Brenda also shared a message of hope with Kenyans saying that contracting the virus should never sound like a death sentence and people should be responsible enough to liaise with the authority in case they experience any of the symptoms.

Hot photos of COVID-19 Kenyan patient 1, Ivy Cherotich Brenda, a ...
PHOTO/COURTESY Brenda Cherotich

In regard to the recovery of the two patients, President Kenyatta urged other Kenyans to be responsible enough to report to the authority if they have any of the symptoms. He added that the recovery of the patients has shown that it is possible to fight the disease.

“These two, are showing us that we can not only contain this disease but can treat and get out of it.

For all who have these symptoms, report & stay away from infecting & affecting Kenyans” he said

So far, Kenya has recorded 81 coronavirus cases, 3 recoveries, and 1 death according to a recent statement by health CS Mutahi Kagwe.