Photos of the Hollywood actress who has embarrassed Chipukeezy for lying to Kenyans


Comedian Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy has been called out by a Kenyan in Hollywood for lying on national TV how a white woman helped him meet US comedian Kevin Hart.

In a viral video Christine Wawira claims Chipukeezy returned to Kenya with an altered narrative to “build his brand”, but instead, lied about what transpired in the land of the free.

Wawira exposed the comedian for a number of lies including meeting American comedian Kevin Hart and also claiming that after hanging out with Kevin Hart for 10 minutes, he was personally invited to the BET show by the mega star.

Here is what she shared:

“I was a big fan of Chipukeezy and I used to follow him on social media. I wanted to meet him because he inspired me and he was doing big things. I went to Dallas and I met Njoro who probably told Chipukeezy about me, an actress in Hollywood, “Chipukeezy then reached out to me on WhatsApp video chat and I was excited because I was a fan.

As we spoke, he begun telling me how he loves Kevin Hart. It just so happened that Hart was going to be in LA signing books at Barns and Noble.

I invited him to LA if he really wanted to meet Hart, He flew down and came straight to Barns and told me he had paid 100 dollars on taxi fare and he had no more money on him. He asked me to buy him a book for Kevin to sign and that we would go to Western Union later and he will refund the cash because we couldn’t leave the book signing que.

I had no extra money on me and so I asked my friend, Sanki, to help him out. She initially refused but ended up buying the book because I vouched for him, I told her he has money and he will give it back later, 

We stood in line with everyone else and we got one or two minutes with Kevin, took a photo and that was it. He posted the picture and it went viral and it did great things for his career. I was so happy for him, it made me happy that I played a part in him meeting his hero,

He stayed at my house, he slept on my couch, I fed him and I paid for public transport after I lost my phone with the Uber app on it. Yesterday (Wednesday, October 18), I finally watched his interviews about meeting Kevin after my friends alerted me even though its months later.

I was shocked by what I saw, “He claimed that he performed in Dallas and this white woman approached him and told him that she knew Kevin Hart, and that if Chipukeezy wanted to meet him, she could make it happen. He said in his interview that he messed up his flight reservations and at the airport, he told staff he was Chipukeezy and he was going to meet Kevin, 

“He then said somebody was de-boarded from the plane for him to fly to LA after he showed airplane crew his Youtube videos. That was a lie. No one was de-boarded. He also lied that he had no money for the taxi when he arrived at the bookstore and that he told the driver who he was, and the driver let him off on the fare. That would never happen in LA, 

“I reached out to him and asked him why he lied and he said ‘you are the white woman in the script’ I have screenshots. I asked him why he changed the story? Why not say it was me to help each other out? To help me gain exposure because we are struggling out here to make it, 

He said that the Kenyan media was portraying him as a groupie who flew out to take a picture with Kevin Hart and he had to change his story. He apologised and said he had to protect his brand. I asked him if telling Kenyans I helped him would mess up his brand because it was insulting after I catered for his expenses and he’s probably earning more now after the Kevin meet,” said Wawira.

Watch the video: