People Are Sharing Things That Are Considered Disrespectful In Their Countries And It’s Fascinating


On Tuesday, Reddit user u/Faking_Faker asked, “What is considered disrespectful in your country?” This led to people sharing things — some obvious, some super shocking — that are considered disrespectful in their countries.

And while these are not verifiable, they’re super fascinating to read. Here’s what people shared:

1. South Africa:

“It’s rude to not ask someone ‘How are you?’ before discussing anything else or making a transaction or interacting in any way. Always greet the checkout person or car guard or waiter or doctor or anybody before you do anything else. It’s considered impolite otherwise.”


2. Germany:

“Being loud in public transportation is rude. This includes laughing loudly.”


3. Slovenia:

“Not taking your shoes off when you enter someone’s home.”


4. Canada:

“If you bump into someone, it’s expected that you say you’re sorry. Makes sense. But if someone bumps into you, you also say sorry. And if you almost bump into someone, you still say sorry. So when someone bumps into me or almost bumps into me, and I say sorry, but they don’t say it back, I feel a deep rage within me that the Canadian Code has been disrespected. I don’t need to be sorry! But, I said it! How dare you stay silent?!”


5. India:

“Wearing your shoes inside someone’s home or a temple is considered disrespectful. Now, I am happy about this, LOL. Who knows where their shoes have been?”


6. India, part II:

“For some Indian weddings: Please don’t come on the dot, as written on the invitation. Come an hour later. If you come on time, or god forbid, early to a wedding and you’re not one of the immediate family members or assistants to the couple, it would be assumed that you believe that their hospitality is lacking and want to help them for an event that they meticulously planned.”


7. Japan:

“Slurping noodles isn’t particularly polite in Japan, but it’s also not rude at all and almost everyone does it. It’s meant to cool the broth as you slurp, and to get some air into the mix for the best flavor. It’s neither rude nor polite, just a normal table manner here. However, slurping pasta in Japan is extremely rude because that’s not how pasta is meant to be eaten by its source culture.”


8. Japan, part II:

“Japan is interesting because there are a lot of customs that are disrespectful. Absolutely don’t tip. That’s very disrespectful and implying they need to work harder or maybe it implies their work is insufficient enough. Basically complete opposite of the American idea of tipping. Eating on the go, for instance, is disrespectful. Also, Japanese people will hand you things with both hands. And not doing so is considered disrespectful.”


9. New Zealand:

“In New Zealand, you yell, ‘Thanks, driver!’ to the bus driver, or you’re an uppity asshat.”


10. Ireland:

“There are very specific rules about offering tea to someone in Ireland. When someone offers you tea, you have to say no. Then they have to say ‘Are you sure?’ and you have to say ‘No, thank you. I’m certain.’ Then, they have to go ‘Ah, go on. You’ll have a bit. Then, you have to go ‘No, I’m fine, thanks.’ It keeps going on like this until one person gives in. So if you offer someone tea, and they say no, you have to keep pushing. If you don’t, it’s just not Irish.”