Pastor Ng’ang’a denies being arrested again, praying in the wilderness 


In yet another controversial twist, Pastor James Ng’ang’a has denied being arrested or heading to the wilderness a week ago for prayers.

Police released a statement yesterday evening revealing the pastor was arrested for defrauding a businessman in Nairobi Ksh 5 million. Ng’ang’a according to police, spent the night at Central Police and was later released on a Ksh 200,000 bond.

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The controversial city pastor, however, in a new video, claims that he was neither arrested yesterday nor in Kajiado last week for a month-long fasting and prayer session.

“You recently reported I was in the bush to pray. To pray for what, your foolishness? Mind your business. Mind your business and if you cannot, I warn you again. Why me always? Everybody who wants to learn English must always mention my name. Every news kicker is all about Ng’ang’a. ‘Kicker’ yourself, rubbish! I rebuke you in Jesus’ name,” he said in a video. 

A video that has been doing rounds on social media for days now shows the pastor somewhere in the wilderness praying.

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In the video, Ng’ang’a says that he’s praying for Kenyans in general. It came just a day after he was charged with threatening to kill journalist Linus Kaikai.

Kaikai, who is the Strategy and Innovation Director at Royal Media Services (RMS), had gone after rogue pastors and demanded that religious organisations be regulated.

Regarding his recent arrest, Nganga claimed that the media is out to destroy his name.

“I am wondering, I read reports on social media to the effect that I was arrested for conning someone KSh 5.5 million. You TV people, why are you killing yourself with me? You feel very sweet mentioning my name. My friend, don’t try this. I am not in police cell. What is KSh 5.5 million (sic)? he posed.