Outrage as Raila is caught on camera asking women to show more underwear during anti-IEBC demos


National Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga was captured on video telling his female supporters to show him their inner wears.

Speaking on Thursday at an unidentified location, the Opposition leader demanded to see female supporters lowering their trousers to expose their panties to show anger against the electoral body.

Raila also asked his supporters to turn out in large numbers to ensure the electoral body heeds to his coalition’s calls calling for the ouster of top officials and other “irreducible minimums”.

Raila, in the meeting, could be heard saying “kina mama, nataka kuona chupi zenu (women, I want to see your inner wear)”.

“Maneno kutoka hapa itakuwa Baba anasema anataka kuona suruali zenu zote. Mtafanya hivyo? Kina mama, nataka kuona chupi zenu (Word from here should be that I want to see the inner wear of everyone. Will you do that? Women, I want to see your inner wear),” said Raila as the crowd cheered him on.

He was referring to a female a Nasa protester [below] who was caught on camera exposing her underwear during last Monday’s demos. The photo became the centre of an online debate.

Here is the video: