Only Kenyan In Saint Helena Island Speaks On The Impact Of COVID-19


Bramwell Bushuru, who is the only Kenyan living in Saint Helena Island has shared a message with fellow Kenyans and opened up about how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their normal routine at the Island.

Bushuru who works as an air traffic controller says that although Saint Helena Islands had not recorded any case of coronavirus infection as of 26th March, they are also dealing with the impact of the global pandemic.

The airport where he works has been deserted since other countries have been highly affected by the outbreak with some going on complete lockdown.

He revealed that South Africa which has always had flights landing on the Island was also forced to cancel their flights after the government announced a lockdown.

“We are affected by the lockdown in South Africa which means that there is no domestic or international flight.

 The only flight we have to the Island is by South African air link which operates from Johannesburg every week. At the moment we are not going to have any flight until about the 28th of April.” He stated

Bushuru mentioned that cargo flights are still operational to bring in supplies although no yachts are allowed to the Island.

According to him, other activities that have been affected include social and sporting events that had to be canceled as a result of the outbreak.

“We are at the preventive stage of the COVID-19, there are no cases in the island” he stated

His message to fellow Kenyans is that they should continue staying safe and cheer up as the nations wait for this outbreak to be over.

Although the coronavirus outbreak has adversely affected human interaction, people from different parts of the globe have been using social media platforms to reach their loved ones.

Apart from Bushuru, other Kenyans living abroad have been able to reach out to fellow Kenyans to share their current experiences amid the COVID-19 outbreak.