Octopizzo engages American rapper Nas after insinuating Africa is a violent place 


Kenyans early this week had a bone to pick with American rapper Nas following one of his posts suggesting that Africa is a war zone.

Nas took to social media to mourn fellow rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot multiple times on Sunday at close range, saying that African Americans should stop living in hatred like people in Africa.

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“It’s dangerous to have money. Dangerous to be a black man. So much hatred. We live like our brothers and sisters in third world countries live. Right in America,” part of Nas’ post read.

“Decisions we make about our own life be based on decisions because we might not live. It’s so deep rooted. It’s not an easy fix. Hard to fix anything when kids are still living in poverty.”

The post irked several Africans including rapper Octopizzo. The Kibera born MC, took to the comment section to school Nas, informing him that Africa is a very peaceful place.

“This was a dope caption till you said “brothers and sisters in the third world.” All we do her is spread love and try to come together to address social injustice and advocate for equality,” said Octopizzo who is an activist against violence. 

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“We have problems yes which are mostly orchestrated by greedy tribalistic politicians but we don’t have “black on black” gun violence. It’s time all you guys come back home and investing a place of love. RIP Nipsey Hussle.” 

Octopizzo invited Nas, who has been in African only a handful of time, to visit the content to see it’s true potential.

“You need to take a trip down to any country in Africa and see the difference, don’t believe on the “violence” and misrepresentation that the western media give Africa.” he said.