Octopizzo to Kenyans: Getting a white lover won’t solve your financial problems


Self-proclaimed King of Kenyan Hip Hop Octopizzo went on a social media ranting spree after claims started doing rounds on the net that his wealth came as result of getting married to his ‘mzungu’ wife.

The rapper who is never shy to boast about his background as a slum boy from Kibera threw a jibe at those spreading the rumors asking how many people who are married to white people but are not living the life.

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“People are saying that I live well because I married a white lady. How many people do you know who are dating white guys and are still not balling like me How many? ,” he asked.

The rapper went on to say he is self-made attributed his success to the hard work he has put in to build his brand.

“Can a white person write a song called Oliel? I’m self-made. Go date them if you believe they’ll make you rich like me. I came from Kibera. And now I’m travelling around the world. No one is paying for my air tickets like most of these artists. I save and cash them myself,” ranted the namba nane artist.

Flaunting his lavish escapades, Octo went on to insist that he was not bragging but rather celebrating his success.

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“I’m wearing gold on my ears. These shoes you can’t find them anywhere else. My shirt is a brand that you should Google. I’m living the life yes, because I came from nothing. This is not bragging. I just wish my mum was alive to see me,” wrote Octopizzo