NTV anchor angers Kenyans after making fun of Ethiopian plane crash that killed 157


NTV news anchor Dann Mwangi on Tuesday was forced to apologize after a joke he pulled on live TV while reporting on the Ethiopian plane crash that 157 people went horribly wrong.

A video of Mwangi reading an on-screen narration of the events that led to the crashing of the plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines was capped by his gesture of dusting himself and walking away once the plane crashed in the animation.

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Kenyans not only hated his gesture, but also the animation presentation in general. Many took to Twitter to complain calling it unethical.

This is disgraceful reporting from @ntvkenya on the plane crash #EthiopianAirlinesCrash Were they trying to be funny NKT,” @Matoke_ wrote on Twitter.

How insensitive can you people get?? This is so disgusting. Wah. Kwani journalists don’t have ethics?” Sugar venom stated.

Goodness me! Did this just air on NTV?“Journalist Saddique Shaban stated.

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Disgusting… Where do NTV get such characters from… fellow Kenyans perished in that accident but he had the guts to joke about it.. heartless to say the least…,” George Kim said in reaction to the video.

After numerous complaints, the news anchor apologized in the business segment and later on social media.