No Kenyan Travel Destination Makes it to World’s Top 100, Giza Pyramids Ranked 90th


When the luggage storage company Stasher examined travel destinations around the world the no Kenyan destination made it to the list.

In short, Kenya’s perceived tourist attraction sites are not all that memorable for tourists to brag about them.

The highest-rated attraction at the top of the list was the Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain, followed by the Matterhorn mountain in the Alps.

The Stasher survey looked at factors such as reviews on Trip Advisor and Google, ratings of nearby hotels, safety of visitors, driving time from the airport and likes on Instagram.

The top 10 destinations are as follows:

  1. Plaza de Espana-Spain

2. Matterhorn, Switzerland

3. Puy du Fou, France

4. Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

5. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, UAE


6. Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands

7. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

8. Acropolis, Greece

9. Hungarian Parliament Building, Hungary

10. Great Smoky Mountains Nat. Park, USA

The great pyramids of Giza made it to number 90, and the only ranked African tourist destination.

The Hollywood walk of fame was ranked last.