Nigerians Aboard KLM Flight Stop Dutch Immigration from Deporting a Nigerian (Video)


Nigerians aboard a KLM flight heading to Lagos from Amsterdam, Holland stopped the deportation of a Nigerian handcuffed by security officials on the flight.

In a video shared by UK-based Nigerian journalist, Kayode Ogundamisi, Nigerians on the flights insisted that the man set to be deported must be dropped from the flight.

The unidentified man whose voice could be heard on the background said he was jailed for five months for no reason.

The humiliation Africans suffer in the Diaspora came to a head in this video…. Heartfelt respect to all the Nigerians on board that flight we should always be there for one another.

What was the crime? He had no documents to be in Europe and so he was chained like an animal.






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