Why Nigerian Students Are Being Beaten Almost To Death In India


Nigerian students have become a target in India from Monday after an Indian student was allegedly killed due to drug overdose.

The parents of the 19-year old kid and the community are blaming Nigerian students for the death claiming that they are supplying drugs to the community.

At least five Nigerians have been reported to have been beaten badly by a mob. Indians have also taken to social media to air their grievances on the issue.

Sushma Swaraj, India’s external affairs minister, has promised a “fair and impartial investigation” while Nigeria’s minister of foreign affairs took to Twitter to share that the “disturbing information” is being investigated.

Local police, however, say the death of the student remains unknown.

Previously, Indians have also accused Nigerians of cannibalism. In early February, they attacked a student from Tanzania while in May, another one from Democratic Republic of Congo was beaten to death by Indian men in Delhi following an argument.

Due to the high tension in the area of Noida, the Association of African Students of India has asked students to remain indoors till the tension subdues.

That, however, seems not to be working since some students are being asked by landlords to vacate their flats.




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