Nigerian Man Based In America Shares Tips On How To Secure A US Student Visa


A Nigerian man Apoti Eri has shared with his fellow Africans on the Do’s and Don’ts while  if they want to get a visa to study in the US.

In a thread of tweets, Eri highlighted why some people end up being denied the visa after the interview as he guided on how one should conduct themselves during the interview.

According to him, one of the most important thing to consider in order to pass the interview is to convince the consular that one has no plans of staying in America longer than they should.

“You may be asked what you gonna be doing during the holidays. DONT ever say you’d be visiting a friend in a different state or whatever . Let the consular know you will be coming back home to spend it with your family . As you would have missed them .” he stated

Some of the things he emphasized on as part of the Do’s include having confidence and a positive attitude.

Among the common mistakes he warned about is how Africans at times do not express their pride and view the chance to study abroad as an opportunity to permanently relocate or establish themselves abroad.

Eri advised that during a student visa interview at the Embassy, it is very important for one to show that they appreciate their hometown instead of being desperate about being granted the Visa.

“People are mostly denied student visa cos they don’t establish enough ties to their home country . You will get questions like ‘ what are you doing after you graduate ‘ . DONT say you will be trying to get a job abroad .” he explained

Contrary to the assumption that how one dresses is among the determining factors of getting a Visa, Eri assured that it has nothing to do with that but advised that one should be presentable, cautious and knowledgeable about the school and city in which they will study if the Visa is granted.

He also cautioned those seeking US student Visas to avoid bragging even if they have family members living abroad.

His statement  attracted thousands of reactions as other Africans came along to share their experiences.

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