Nigerian Artist Annoys Kenyans After Ruthlessly Insulting Them


It’s was supposed to be one of the electrifying performances for Kenyans but things didn’t go as planned from the word go.

Nigerian singer Burna Boy, whose performance had been overhyped, left his Nairobi fans disappointed on Saturday after hitting the stage at 4 am and performing only 4 songs for an hour then he left.

Fans had waited all night as deejay Joe Mfalme kept them busy, with some threatening that they would demand a refund of their Sh1,500 ticket cash. Kenyans started firing back and took the war to Twitter.

It all started after a radio presenter tweeted that he does not play much of Davido’s and Burna Boy’s music, the singer went wild and said that he and Davido could actually buy Kiss 100 radio station and turn it into an ashtray.

He also called Kenyans “peasants” a thing that annoyed them even more. Kenyans started attacking him on Twitter forcing the controversial artist to start unfollowing Kenyans.




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