Nigeria Police ranked worst in the world, Kenya’s police boss refutes report after being ranked 3rd worst 


Following some reports obtained from the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), Nigerian Police has been ranked worst in the world.

Kenya police service followed closely after it was ranked third worst in the world but according to Nairobi County Police Boss Japheth Koome, the report shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s false.

“Kenya police ranked third last in the world is not true. We are among the best in the world,” said Koome.

This comes amid several human rights reports claiming that police in Kenya killed more than 30 people in the period after the August 8 election. All the reports have specifically accused the security agencies, which are meant to maintain law and order, of using excessive force while quelling protests by opposition supporters.

The indices used in accessing 127 countries from four key areas, namely, capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes, aim to measure the ability of the security apparatus within a country to respond to internal security challenges, both now and in future.

Nigeria police performed worst on the index on all the four domains, with a score of 0.255 ranked 127 below Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, and Pakistan.

The report noted that countries with protracted civil conflicts were not eligible for the index.

“There are 219 police officers for every 100,000 Nigerians, well below both the Index median of 300, and the sub-Saharan Africa region average of 268,” the report reads.

“This limits the capacity of the force to measure up to its law and order mandate.”

“In terms of process, legitimacy, and outcomes, the story is not different which makes the force fall short of the required standard.”

Despite the failure of Africa to break into the top 40, the continent was very prominent in the lower rankings. Six African countries were in the bottom 10. Cameroon and Mozambique in the 120th and 122nd spots.

At the top of the global rankings, Europe dominated with eight countries. Except first place Singapore and Australia in sixth spot, all the other countries were in Europe – Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany (2nd – 5th), Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland (7th – 10th).

Despite the turmoil in the Middle East, many Middle Eastern countries performed well on the Index. The MENA region had the fourth best average regional score of the nine regions in the Index.

Countries with smaller populations performed better on the Index than larger ones. Only one country in the top ten had a population greater than 25 million, and conversely only one country in the bottom ten had a population of less than 25 million.