Niger is the Youngest Country in Africa By Median Age of Population


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation annual letter published on February 12th contained compelling facts and stories, but it is the median age of the African continent that sparked debate.

The median age of the African continent is just 18 years old.

In the letter, Bill observes the following:

“The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays (nearly) the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down.  The global median age is on the rise. In every part of the world, people are living longer. As more children survive to adulthood, women are having fewer kids than ever before. The result is a global population that’s creeping slowly toward middle age. Except in Africa. The median age there is just 18. In North America, it is 35. And the number of young Africans is expected to rise in the decades to come.”
Median Age by Continent
Continent Median Age
Europe 42 years
North America 35 years
Oceania 33 years
Asia 31 years
South America 31 years
Africa 18 years


In their letter, Bill and Melinda Gates note another significant pointer: by 2100, it’s projected that nearly half of the world’s children aged 0-4 years old will be in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Africa, Niger’s median age is 15.4 years, putting the West African country as the youngest in the continent.  Overall, these are the five youngest countries in Africa:

Rank Country Median Age (Youngest)
#1 Niger 15.4 years
#2 Mali 15.8 years
#3 Uganda 15.8 years
#4 Angola 15.9 years
#5 Zambia 16.8 years


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