New York Times Fails Again: Why Kenyans Are Angry With American Newspaper


The New York Times just cannot get it right when it comes to African affairs. A job advertisement by the American publication which has often earned the moniker “Failing New York Times” from president Donald Trump  has angered Kenyans and Africans online.

The newspaper published the advert on LinkedIn on Wednesday saying it was looking for a suitable candidate to fill the Nairobi bureau chief post.

The job description, which stated that the media house required a reporter to cover ‘conflict and unexpected stories of hope’ in the region, annoyed Kenyan social media users.

“The ideal candidate should enjoy jumping on news, be willing to cover conflict, and also be drawn to investigative stories. There is also the chance to delight our readers with unexpected stories of hope and the changing rhythms of life in a rapidly evolving region…” the advertisement read in part.

The advert further noted that the region is a “strategically important territory with many vital storylines, including terrorism, the scramble for resources, the global contest with China and the constant push-and-pull of democracy versus authoritarianism.”

This is how Kenyans reacted: