New TV series in the US set to show how Kenyans in the diaspora struggle to make a name in Hollywood


Though not much is out, a new TV series directed and shot in the US is set to showcase how Kenyans are hungry to make a name in the lucrative Hollywood business.

A short trailer uploaded on a Facebook page called African in Hollywood has shared a small insight on the program but didn’t reveal when exactly it would be premiered.

“What struggles do African immigrants go through to make a living in Hollywood?” asked the page. “Our TV show will highlight that. Check out our trailer!!! Follow our page for more updates.”

Phyllis Thinkii, a Kenyan in the diaspora, might have been involved in the scripting and production of the series

Here is how she defined the show: A scripted TV series that follows a group of friends from the African continent as they struggle to make it in Hollywood. The series is funny and heartfelt; a true fish out of water story that all people can relate to, with universal themes of friendship, perseverance of pursing dreams, and the angst of life.

The number of Kenyans in the Hollywood businesses has seen a sharp rise lately, especially after Lupita Nyong’o blew up and won an Oscar after “12 years a slave”.

Watch the trailer below: