New Poll Shows Undecided Voters Will Back Raila Odinga; NASA Candidate Ahead For First Time


If elections were to be held today, 47.4% Kenyans would vote for National Super Alliance Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, while 46.7% would vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta according to a recent poll conducted by a U.S. pollster, John Zogby and commissioned by NASA.

The poll conducted between July 8 and 13 in every county in Kenya indicates that 42% of Kenyans think the country is heading in the wrong direction, 56% are concerned about unemployment while 42% are wary of corruption.

Comparatively, a large number of people, including supporters of different political parties cite corruption as the reason for difficulties they encounter in their daily lives.

Over 88% of respondents say corruption plays a large or moderate role in the high rate of unemployment while 88% of Kenyans link the vice to social ills like the high cost of living and 82% of them link corruption to the shortage of basic foodstuff.

Zogby sees reasons for Raila Odinga’s camp to feel confident as 47% of undecided voters are considering voting for him as compared to 27% for President Kenyatta.