Nameless advises David The student and any other Kenyan faking lifestyle in the US


When the ‘celebrity’ status hits on you, more often many people tend to live beyond their mean.

In most instances, the need to lead a lavish lifestyles plunges one into deep debt and even might lead to suicide due to circumstances presented by the desire to have what you can’t get.

Kenyan music pioneer David Mathenge alias Namless is the latest celebrity  to weigh in on the issue especially after Churchill Show comedian David Kangogo popularly known as David the Student found himself on the wrong side after being accused of conning people money.

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David the Student after leaving Churchill show moved to the United States of America seeking for greener pastures but the other side turned out to be dry for the comedian after things not going as anticipated.

With the need to survive, he was forced to resort to borrowing from Kenyans who definitely could not refuse to lend him owing to his celebrity status back in the country and among fellow countrymen abroad.

He however did not manage to repay back the money prompting some of his lenders to report him to the police.

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He however apologized over the issue saying it was as a result of pressure blaming the state of Kenyan comedy.

“I take full responsibility and I am ashamed. There’s so much pressure being on TV to live a certain life but in real sense it’s crazy. Comedy in Kenya doesn’t pay,” said the comedian. 

Commenting on the case, MC Jessy said that the woes facing his fellow comedian are self-inflicted adding that you don’t have to live beyond what you can afford.

“Reality is everything. You don’t have to a social media life to survive. Kama wewe ni mtu wa mutura kula mutura.No one cares. Mi naishi life yangu huku Kinoo .When I realized that, nikasema hakuna pressure,” said MC Jesse.

Some of the victims who fell prey to the comedian’s tricks have resorted not to seek legal redress citing the lengthy procedures involved.

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“I don’t think that taking him to court will arrest the situation, first and foremost folks here are busy for anyone to go that route, the best for him is to back to where he came from and face it at home since people are alert of him now,” said Evans Otieno.

In what qualifies to be a great piece of advice to upcoming celebrities and those already in the limelight, Nameless urges them to shun any pressure and be real to themselves.

“You have to decide from the start what kind of a person you want to be. The more fake you the more pressure you will have, so it is better to just keep it real,” said Nameless